Reaper is a PyQt5 GUI that scrapes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube apis using the Python package socialreaper .

To use Reaper, install socialreaper and PyQt5, then run

Adding API Keys


Navigate to

From the My Apps menu select Add a New App.

Fill in the details and choose the category Apps for Pages.

Navigate to and change the application to the name of your new app.

Click Get User Access Token under the Get Token menu.

Click Get Access Token.

Test the new token by making an example query in the GET field like wikipedia/posts.

Extend the access token expiry time by clicking the blue i icon next to the Access Token field.

Click Open in Access Token Tool.

Click Extend Access Token.

Copy the new access token into the Api Key field in Reaper’s authentication.


Navigate to

Click Create New App.

Fill in the details and create the new app.

Click the Keys and Access Tokens tab.

Click Create my Access Token.

Copy Consumer Key (API Key), Consumer Secret (API Secret), Access Token, Access Token Secret into their respective fields in Reaper’s authentication.


Navigate to

Click create another app.

Fill in the details and select script as the application type.

Copy the app id (the string underneath the application’s name), and secret into their respective fields in Reaper’s authentication.


Navigate to

Create a new project.

Click Youtube Data Api.

Next to the Youtube Data Api V3, click Enable.

Click the Create credentials button.

Select Other UI as the location you will be calling from.

Select Public Data.

Click What credentials do I need.

Copy the api key into Reaper’s authentication.